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What is the best bible translation?

Now this is funny (sorry if you’re hoping for an actual answer to that question):

HT: Tim Challies


Post 4th of July tribute

Thank you to all our troops! This video probably highlights the God-given gift of love within the family more than anything, but there is also an intrinsic goodness to the sacrifice our servicemen and women make. May the Lord bless you all through this:

Grief, gospel, glory

A good word from Dr. Mohler on the tragedy in Newtown, CT

Two great posts

I have to give a shout out to Kevin Deyoung, pastor of University Reformed Church in Lansing, MI. I follow his blog regularly, and recommend it highly, but two recent posts have solidified in my mind that he is one that God has particularly gifted as a communicator and leader among evangelicals.

One is on parenting.

The other is on being better Bereans.

Praise the Lord for this brother.

Young earth vs. Old earth

I plan to talk more about some exegetical fallacies and about prayer in the gospel of John soon, but, while this is simmering…

I hold to a blended view (young vs. old). I first heard it articulated by Vern Poythress. Amazingly, you can download the 400 page book here! Chapters 7-10 are where you would find much of the relevant material. I cannot explain it all just now, but suffice it to say I am not comfortable simply calling my view the “apparent age theory.” The problem with saying God deceived the world if it is truly a young earth is that it is not an “apparent” age. It is a creation with real age (whether scientific observations are accurate or not, the world was created with real age).

Some may still say that is deceptive, if in fact six-to-ten thousand years ago God gave the world a real three-to-five billion year history. Is it more deceptive than giving the world a six-day creation outline on paper about four thousand years ago? No matter what your interpretation of Genesis 1, are you telling me there is absolutely no sense of a six day creation not that long ago? Regardless of what you say about ancient near eastern mythology (Jews are the intended audience of Torah by the way), my objection to staunch old-earth creationists is God has deceived us with Genesis 1 and 2 if you are right.

Please use Facebook, blog comments, and the like carefully!

I think these technological advances to connect and communicate are gifts from God’s gracious hand. But, I am pleading with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ– all those who have repented and trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation, and claim Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior– please do not use Facebook, blogs, tweets, emails, or anything else like that to confront sin. Do not do it! Ever!

I am not talking about using public arenas to confront public sins. Famous preachers who preach error must be confronted in public. That needs to be done carefully, but I am talking about arguing with people through blog comments or facebook comments, or even confronting a person’s sin over email. If you feel any negative emotion whatsoever when you are about to write, STOP! Do not do it. Ever. Please. For your obedience to Scriptural mandates and patterns to confronting sin, and for the sake of the Kingdom and the glory of God’s name, if you are angry with another human being, stop yourself in your tracks. Think about the reason you are angry, and if you are right to be angry. If you feel someone has sinned, love them! Then meet them face to face if at all possible. If you must, a phone call is probably better than nothing. But if you cannot meet face to face or over the phone, pray for them and leave it at that. Pray for them anyway. Pray! But do not use a computer or a cellphone text to do anything that you know, deep down in your heart, that you should do in person. Please.

These brothers had similar thoughts.

If this upsets you, I am willing to talk.

God wins: the fate of every person who has ever lived

So many things surprise me about people’s reactions to people’s reactions:

  1. I did not know that many people follow the blogs, tweets and writings of both John Piper and Rob Bell.
  2. Unintentional hypocrisy is rampant: many accuse John Piper and Justin Taylor and Josh Harris and others with slandering Rob Bell…and so they slander them.
  3. Unintentional hypocrisy #2: “You can’t say Bell is a heretic because the book has not come out yet“…”Bell is not a heretic!”
  4. Many Christians believe Gandhi is in heaven because of his life of good works.

One problem is that heaven and hell are thought of more as places people go, rather than extensions of God’s character and will (John 5.29). They are both expressions of God bringing glory to himself by being holy– in the cross, the sins of believers are dealt with, so there is no more wrath (Rom 3.25); in hell, sin is dealt with, so there is only wrath (Rev 20.15). In both heaven and hell, sin is dealt with, God reveals His holiness. God’s love for Himself comes out so clearly in both places; amazingly, those found in Christ get to experience that love for all eternity(Eph 2.7). In the end, God wins.