About us

The most beautiful woman in the world standing next to the luckiest guy in the world

The most beautiful woman in the world standing next to the guy least deserving of her.

Natalie was born in California, lived in the Philippines for a few years as a child, then moved to Florida from the age of about seven till she graduated from the Baptist College of Florida in 2002.  She then moved to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii to work with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

I was born on Oahu, moved to the Big Island when I was ten, had a daughter named Grace when I was 19, and then went to Portland, OR the following year.  I spent about two years there until moving back to the Big Island in 2002, where I went to finish up college at the University of Hawaii-Hilo.  There, I started hanging out again at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.When I met Natalie I only had romantic intentions.  When she met me, she only had intentions to minister to me, and that was very humbling.  God used her to get me refocused on Christ.  I spent the next few months trying to be a good brother in Christ to her, and, of course, that won her over.  It took about ten more months to win her parents over, but in September of 2003, they approved of us being in a relationship.  I proposed to her in December 2003, and we were married on July 10, 2004.  Grace started calling her ‘mom’ immediately.  And God has grown us in grace everyday since then, and increasing our love for each other.

In Nov 2013, by God’s grace we brought home a four year old from China. We named her Leila. We are now all on an exciting journey together.


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  1. This is a wonderful story.

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