Response to the Anti-Trump Christians

I just saw a post today from a great brother in Christ, Thabiti Anyabwile. You can read it here. He admitted his blog was not from well developed thought, and he may change some of his opinions in the near future based on more conversation. I appreciate that. But this is something that has been brewing for awhile in our country.

There are many Christians who were #NeverTrump-ers. Full disclosure: I was one of them, I think. What I meant by that was I could not in good conscience vote for Donald Trump. But there is now a strange fallout in our country, and apparently even in the Church. A quick response to 3 possible Anti-Trump groups:

  1. There are many Americans who are protesting the fact that Trump is the President-elect. It’s all over the news. This is downright silliness. We all thought Trump was crazy for saying he would protest if he lost the election. We have to think this group is just as crazy for doing what they are doing. I, personally, think he is not going to be a good President (I hope I am proven wrong). But it does not change the fact that in 21st Century America, with our system of democratic-republic government, Donald Trump is the President-elect. If you are a citizen of the U.S., he will be your next President. Case closed. You owe him honor.
  2. There are many Christians who voted for Hilary Clinton. Thabiti said he was one of them. If Christians like Thabiti argued that they could not vote for Donald Trump for moral reasons, then there was no defense for voting for Hilary. I may be missing political reasons that I do not understand. But from what I read, Christians argued that Trump was more evil than Hilary, and that Hilary was the status quo. Based on that line of thinking, my brothers and sisters are simply de-sensitized to the horror of the murder of unborn children. I am not saying Trump was less evil. You can even argue Trump is more evil. But if “evil” is going to cause you to not vote for someone, then you should have voted for neither. Again, you may have other political reasons for voting. That is fine. But I am saying if the reasoning has to do with morality, forget it. Neither was worthy of a vote of moral support.
  3. There are Christians apparently who think the evangelical church has lost credibility for supporting Trump. That is the gist of Thabiti’s post. He bases a lot of this on exit poll surveys that say about 80% of Trump’s votes came from white evangelicals. This is one reason I hate statistics! Just because a bunch of self-professing evangelicals (according to the Washington Post, mind you) say they voted for Trump, it does not mean much. Thabiti knows this, I’m sure. How many professing Christians in America do we think are actually Christians? And of those true born again believers who voted for Donald Trump, how many do we believe are mature Christians? And of those mature Christians, how many do we believe voted for him because they think he is a morally good choice? I venture to say the answer to that last question is near zero.

Maybe in 2020 nobody should share who they are voting for. As a good friend of mine said, he thought America ran on the “silent ballot” system! To be clear, I love Thabiti Anyabwile and am grateful for his ministry. I just think this whole election season brought out some strange thinking within the Church, and I am more thankful than ever for a four year-election cycle, for election season being over, and most of all, that our citizenship is in heaven where we await the King of the Nations to return from soon.


2 responses to “Response to the Anti-Trump Christians

  1. FYI … I voted for Mr. Trump because I wanted Obamacare to go away.Cost doctors & us so much more!!! And the next president will be selecting Supreme Court judges who will truly impact lots of major decisions:))   Love you Todd

    • This is a difficult topic for the church as it exposes so many of our human weaknesses and divides us. Freedom to protest is a gift that mqny countries don’t give and I see nothing wrong in people doing so. The truth is we now know that the position of president is no longer what we percieved it to be. That no matter which party has their figure head there they are working for the same master, and there master isn’t the God we believers follow.

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