Secular psychology can send you to hell

Be very careful with language. Inaccurate language reflects bad theology, and bad theology can lead to hell. We know this when it comes to “abortion.” We often say “abortion” because that is what everybody says. Yet the word covers up the reality, which is murder. Unless murderers repent, they will not see the kingdom of God.

Homosexuality is similar in our discussions. Some might say “I’m a homosexual,” meaning, “I’m attracted to those of the same gender.” Or they might say, “this is just who I am,” meaning, “this is how God made me so it must be good, and I have to be true to my good self.” Yet that language is very confusing. The bible would use the word “homosexual” more in terms of practice than identity. And those who do not repent from homosexuality will not see the kingdom of God either. The language can mislead people into a life of unrepentance.

The same can and should be said of “alcoholism.” Those in the AA-type world believe wholeheartedly that there is a “disease” known as alcoholism. And of course, seeing something as a disease will lead to treating it very differently than if you saw it as unrepentant sin. The drunkard will not see the kingdom of God either. God spoke to us in words so that we could know him and know how to please Him. Let’s try and use words the way He intended. It’s a matter of eternal life and eternal death.


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