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The Debate heard under water

I do not blame you if this kind of stuff does not intrigue you, but I never get tired of talking about it. There has been a good series of great writers weighing in on credobaptism vs paedobaptism, and its implications for young children. You should consider skimming through it:

And this may be the best one:

I really do not have much to add. I definitely lean toward Patrick Schreiner’s position. One thing I would say is that a church should probably have more say about whether an individual should get baptized than the individual in question should. We should expect that the local church would be able to discern a person’s life better than the person (whether the individual wants to get baptized or whether the individual is hesitant to get baptized because they are not sure if they are a Christian).


Are people born gay?

If you wonder about this, you have already bought into a lie. The lie is that there is such a thing as “gay.” And if you believe that lie, you are prone to at least two other lies. So let me speak to these three lies, and then say a word of compassion and hope:

  1. There is no such thing in the Bible as “gay.” What people mean by that word is that they believe some people are born with a  tendency toward homosexuality. Whether people are actually “born” with a “tendency” will be debated until Jesus returns. But what you must believe is that we all have sinful desires. Right now. Don’t we? And should human beings be categorized by any single sinful desire they choose? Sadly, the word “gay” is a way to make something sinful sound like something God designed.
  2. If you believe in the category of “gay,” you are prone to see people who practice homosexuality as a “people-group.” All the connections people have made to the civil rights movements of the past are all based on the lie of “gay” as a category.
  3. If you believe it is possible to be “born gay,” you are prone to misinterpret the lives of all sexual sinners. I am one who has committed sexual immorality many times in my life (Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ, who has delivered me from this body of death!). But I do not know if the best way to describe me was that I was born heterosexual. Truthfully, I was made in the image of God, born a male, but not born a man. I was born as a baby, with no inclinations whatsoever to sexual sin (at least as far as I can tell). I do remember sinning sexually very young, but my thoughts and intentions and desires toward sex did not blossom (if you want to call it that) until my teenage years! Most people I know did not sin sexually as young as I did. Most five year olds (like my daughter) have not thought for a second about being attracted to any human being. They just want to read Curious George! To speak about people either being born with heterosexual or homosexual tendencies seems to be trying to speak about something that God never revealed to us (namely, the mysterious nature of human-cognitive-sexual development that is different for each person). And from my limited experience, it seems almost nobody thinks about sexual attraction in the first few years of life.

A word of compassion and hope: if you struggle with sexual sin, I understand. And I know sexuality feels more personal than most other sins (1 Cor 6.18). But I want you to know there is tons of good news for repentant sinners. You can actually crucify the flesh, along with its passions and desires (Gal 5.24)! And we have a Great High Priest, who has been tempted in every way we are, and yet never acted on any of it (Heb 4.15). And He will love you no matter what, if you repent and believe in him. And I mean, no matter what. He will love you. And so will our fundamental, conservative, fire and brimstone church.