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Story of the man accused of the 1996 Olympic bombing

This is a perfect example of what bearing false witness can do:

Watch a 20 minute documentary by ESPN here:

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Do not resist Covenant Theology for the wrong reasons

Covenant Theology is a system for understanding how to put the whole Bible together. It is the understanding that God made one over-arching covenant within the Trinity before the foundation of the world, and the entire Bible’s story is an outworking of that one covenant, known as the Covenant of Redemption, or the Covenant of Grace.

Outside of Presbyterian circles, it seems there are hardly any Covenant theologians. Though I am no expert in these matters, I would classify myself as one. And because I have only recently (in the last five years, really) taken on that label consciously, it has brought about many conversations with many friends. I would encourage you to consider studying covenant theology, and attempt to be persuaded by the many great Reformed minds of the last 400 years. Covenant Theology really stems from the Reformation, and has been held by those who subscribe to the Westminster and 2nd London Baptist Confessions ever since. From my limited experience, I perceive that most American Christians reject Covenant Theology for four bad reasons:

  1. No regard for history- just because something has been believed for many years does not make it right. Let me be clear on that. But it seems to me that most Christians in America are not big readers, and if they are, they only read things from the last 100 years or less. Please do not reject Covenant Theology just because you are unwilling to read harder books (many older books are harder, and much of the writings of Covenant theologians are older).
  2. It is not the language of Scripture- I think we should get our theology from the Bible, period. Just like any other responsible Christian. But just because we get theology from the Bible does not mean we do not have to do some synthesizing and harmonizing at times. Just because the term “covenant of redemption” does not appear in the Bible does not mean we should reject it, right? (You simply cannot get around the “Trinity” comparison here)
  3. They think it is a Presbyterian thing- many Reformed-ish Baptists seem to reject Covenant Theology simply because it is largely a Presbyterian system for understanding the Bible. I would say the majority of Covenant theologians have been Presbyterians. But as I mentioned, the 1689 Baptists were all Covenant theologians!
  4. “It is not what I learned growing up”- just because you never heard this growing up is no reason to reject it. I know you would all agree with that, but it seems to me many people just hate admitting they are wrong about things, and will go to the grave rejecting certain things simply because of that.

One great resource: “Covenant Theology” by Greg Nichols

Is “Limited Atonement” that important?

“And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.” (Ezekiel 36.26)

There is a growing movement of 4-point “Calvinists” (many, like Bruce Ware, reject “Limited Atonement” for reasons they back up well with Scripture; but many don’t). Most people reject Calvinism because of the doctrine of “Limited Atonement.” Most people who reject Calvinism misunderstand the doctrine of “Limited Atonement.” I get it. I understand the difficulty of initially accepting this doctrine.

BUT, I want to defend the importance of this doctrine. Do I think you have to believe this to be a Christian? MAY IT NEVER BE! Do I equate “Limited Atonement” with the gospel, or even with Calvinism? Of course not. Do I think any Christians should divide over this doctrine. Absolutely not! But do I think it is worth talking about and even defending? Yes. Truth is truth.

Just a quick word on why anyone would believe Jesus only died for certain persons, AND NOT others: Jesus actually accomplished something on the cross. And among the many, many things He died for was the new heart and the Holy Spirit that everyone in the New Covenant receives. Why does God decide to make someone alive together with Christ (Eph 2.4-5)? It is because Jesus paid for God to do that.

This doctrine is not the gospel. But it does help protect the gospel. Please do not demonize a position just because you disagree with it?