“Heaven is for Real” is not for real

Finally, truth is getting out. I had not known much about “The Boy who Came back from Heaven,” by Kevin Malarkey. It is probably the lesser known of the three “heaven” books in the last few years (the others being “90 Minutes in Heaven” and “Heaven is for Real”). But hopefully this stirs the hearts of these other writers for the good. Read about the boy who says he didn’t go back to heaven after all here or here.

Pray for Kevin Malarkey (the father of the supposed boy who went to heaven; Kevin apparently is intent on making money off of this false testimony), Don Piper, and Todd Burpo to repent of their false teachings. Perhaps they think they are being truthful (at least Piper and Burpo). Then they just need to have their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit. Either way, repentance must happen. And maybe, just maybe, more people will actually come to see that Jesus is for real.


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