Things Christians should not say

Everyone who says these means well, but as usual, good motives are not all that matters. Here are some things I have heard over the years, and have said proudly myself before, but I think dishonor God:

  1. “It takes more faith to believe in anything else.”- usually this is to persuade someone that Christianity is true. The truth that is being communicated is that it does make more logical sense to follow Jesus than to do anything else. HOWEVER, to say that the alternative is “faith” in something or someone else is not true to the way the Bible uses the word. Hebrews 11 says it is impossible to please God without faith. Faith is clearly a virtue in the Bible. This statement can pit faith and logic against each other, and can wrongly lead people to think that what we do when we put our faith in Christ is put our blindfolds on despite the facts. Perhaps it takes more blind faith to believe anything else? Or perhaps we should just preach the gospel and call people to repentance and FAITH.
  2. “This is not my word; Jesus said it.”- usually this is to apologize for some hard doctrine like hell or the exclusivity of Jesus. HOWEVER, let us not apologize for God. Ever. This almost makes it sound like you do not like what God has said. We need to pray to love everything the Bible teaches- predestination, God’s hatred for evildoers, Jesus is the only way, the glory of God’s design for marriage between one man and one woman, everything. May the Lord help us to say, “yes, this might be hard for you to initially accept, but if you trust in Christ, you will see the glory and beauty of this doctrine.”
  3. “Even if it wasn’t true, I would still be a Christian.”- I used to think being a Christian is so joyful, that even if Jesus was not real I would still see the benefit of being  a Christian. HOWEVER, it is only joyful because Jesus is real. Paul says we are to be pitied more than all people if Jesus did not rise from the dead. If anyone would choose to be a Christian even if they knew the resurrection was not real, they are either radically inconsistent in their logic, or they do not really know Jesus at all. Without beholding the risen Lord, you are just a part of some cult or religious clique or social club.

Other things you may have heard?

One response to “Things Christians should not say

  1. I’m guilty of #1 and #2. and I totally agree with what you’re saying and I am learning to just call people to faith and emphasize the beauty of the harder doctrines.

    #3 reminds me of a great sermon Piper preached on at a Passion conference. The Christian life is not “the good life” apart from the reality of the resurrection.

    I always hear how people say to me that theology is not as important as just loving God and loving your neighbor. One, you need theology to accomplish those commandments. And two, loving God and neighbor is not about getting your priorities straight, its about getting your life straight. Life is all about loving God and neighbor. I would only study theology in order TO love God and neighbor better.

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