God does not care about what you do, part 4

To summarize: most Christians in my experience get hung up on what God’s will for their life is. And yet, what they mean by “God’s will” is not what God means by God’s will. God’s will in the Bible is either His sovereign plan to make everything glorify Jesus (Eph 1.9-11) or His desire for all human beings to obey Him and glorify Him in everything (Deut 6.4 and 1 Cor 10.31).

What most Christians seem to get hung up on are wisdom issues. “Is it God’s will for me to marry this person?” should better be worded “is it wisest in God’s eyes to marry this person?” Doesn’t that just make the whole endeavor feel different?

At the end of the day, wisdom is also a God’s will issue because if you choose between something that is wise and unwise, all of a sudden it becomes clear what God’s will is: love God and glorify Him by choosing what is wise!

Here are some principles for decision making that I will put out there, and perhaps you can add to this list:

  • It is God’s will that you do what is wisest
  • There may be (and probably is) more than one equally wise course of action
  • Wisdom requires the hard work of thinking
  • Wisdom requires knowing your bible
  • Wisdom is not “Lord, tell me what to do” and expect Him to miraculously and authoritatively and unmistakably tell you what to do (Could God do that? Of course, He’s God! But that is not getting wisdom. That’s getting miraculous prophecy.)
  • Use the wisdom of others
  • Know who your God-ordained authorities are, and in most cases, listen to and obey them (God gives us pastors and parents as a gift in wisdom issues)
  • Never violate your conscience
  • It is unwise to do nothing because you are waiting to “hear from God” on what to do

2 responses to “God does not care about what you do, part 4

  1. Related to what you said about not asking: “Lord, tell me what to do”, I would add as a principle: pray, and ask God for wisdom through His word and that God do things that you know He would desire.

    • Good one. Pray for wisdom and believe God gives it (James 1.5). The hesitancy to move forward on decisions is often a result of double-mindedness in prayer.

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