God does not care about what you do, part 2

Last time I said Christians seem hung up on praying to know God’s will for their life. That is the wrong way to pray if you are praying, “is it your will for me to do this or that?” That makes God’s will sound mysterious.

But in the NT, God’s will is never mysterious. Ephesians 1.9 is an example of this. God “made known to us the mystery of his will.” In other words, God’s will used to be a mystery. But it is mysterious no longer.

The passage goes on to say that we now understand that God’s will has always been to have all of history point to Christ, and God works all things in creation to make that happen (vv10-11). So this is first and foremost (I repeat: first and foremost) God’s will in the Bible.

What is God’s will for your life? Wrong question! God does not care about individual lives in that way. All of God’s affections and thoughts and actions are for His one will for all of human beings and all of human history and all of creation– to make everything glorify Jesus.


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