God does not care about what you do

Not in the way you think.

I had preached and posted about this a few years ago, but several conversations recently have made it seem like God’s will for me to write about God’s will again.

First off, I recommend reading Just Do Something, by Kevin DeYoung. The title almost says it all, but if you are curious, you should read it. Or you can read this review by my brother, Mark.

It seems that most Christians talk about God’s will in an unbiblical way. This is my observation (so I may be observing wrong, and this is my limited experience) of how Christians talk about God’s will: they take stories like God telling Noah to build an ark, or Gideon laying his fleece, or David getting direction through Urim and Thummim, and figure that Christians must make decisions today in similar ways.

My first challenge to this kind of thinking is to humble yourself. Stop thinking that everything is about you. Stop thinking that even your life is about you. I plan to do a few posts on this issue, but that is all I want you to think about right now. God told David to go fight the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 30. Plain and simple. If God tells you to do things in similar ways, then you are claiming to be a prophet. If you claim to be a prophet, fine. That is another discussion for another day. See how many bible-believing Christians you will fellowship with if you claim to be an authoritative prophet who gets authoritative commands from the God of all authority, the way David needed to go fight Amalek (he needed to go fight or he would be sinning).

The other problem with connecting those stories to how you make decisions is that the Bible is redemptive history in a way your life is not. God preserved Noah’s family, Israel’s army, and David’s kingship so that Jesus would be born of a virgin 2000 years ago. You are not a part of that story on that level, are you? So, please, stop thinking that God gives you direction in the way He gave Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, and Jesus direction in the Bible. God does not give direction in that way anymore. I say this as a continuationist. I believe God can give prophetic words on any given day. But all the direction given to His people in the Bible was to get us to the cross and resurrection. So God does not give direction like that anymore.

I promise you that freedom from the bondage of “figuring out God’s will” or “hearing God’s voice”, and in turn becoming more gospel-centered, will bring you much more joy than you ever prayed for.


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