TGC Hawaii Overflow Reflections

It was a blessed weekend with John Piper, D.A. Carson, and Michael Oh. Three reflections:

  • God graciously answered prayer- over 800 people came to the conference; very smooth weekend (one hiccup with power that pushed everything back 5 minutes– I’ll take it); God kept a hurricane from hitting our islands; a sense of unity across a WIDE spectrum of denominations; God empowered these preachers uniquely; John Piper shepherded all of our churches for good with many things he said; the speakers all seemed to have a good time
  • Christians love the Shepherd’s voice- I would guess half the room had heard of John Piper, but not listened to a sermon before; even more had not heard Carson and Oh. But the room seemed gripped with every sermon. Hard things were preached. Toes were trampled on. Even Piper’s first sermon was up in the “Edwardsian” clouds a bit. But Jesus Christ was so exalted through the preaching, that the crowd never dwindled. You could sense we were beholding God’s glory in every session, and the people loved it.
  • God is doing something great in Hawaii- I heard several comments about how the conference was good, but that people loved their own local church experiences just as good or better. Praise God! First, everyone should know that if your local church’s worship service is better than going to a conference, it is because of men like these that God has used. Second, we should pray for that attitude to spread. If God makes our local churches stronger, that is Revival in my estimation, and what God will use to finish the Great Commission. It seems that work has started, and was helped greatly this weekend.

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