Levites will never be priests again

1 Samuel 2.30-32 promises that the Levitical priesthood will end because of the sin of Eli. And they will never be reinstated. There will never be a reinstitution of that priesthood because Levi will be replaced by a “faithful Priest” (1 Sam 2.35), which points us to Jesus.

If you want further proof of that, read Revelation 7.4-8. There is a lot of debate about this passage, obviously. But just a couple observations: John “heard” the number 144,000. He was not necessarily looking at 144,000 individuals. God wants to teach us something by the number. Also, notice Levi is one of the tribes. There is no distinction anymore between Levi and all the rest. Levi is just one of the 12 tribes, no longer the tribe of the priesthood.

This has to be because this “Israel” has the only Priest they will ever need. It is the Lamb near the throne in v9. Revelation 7 is not referring to a reinstitution of national Israel. It is the declaration that the true spiritual Israel is sealed, through the blood of the Offering of the Great High Priest, who is Himself both Priest and Lamb.


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