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Mom, I’m an alcoholic

“Mom, I’ve had something to tell you for a long time, but I was afraid of how you might respond.”

“Go ahead, son.”

“I’m an alcoholic.”


“I know that’s not how you raised us, but I can’t deny this about myself any longer.”

“But you know what the Bible says…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know what the Bible says. But the Bible says all kinds of stuff like ‘don’t eat shellfish’ and ‘women should be silent in churches’, are we gonna obey all that too?”

“Son, I was just going to say that the Bible doesn’t call it alcoholism, it calls it drunkenness.”

“Mom, I’m just trying to be true to myself!”

“The truth is we are all born sinful…”

“How dare you say that! You’re saying this is the same as murder?”

“I didn’t say exactly that…”

“Are you not going to accept me anymore just because I’m being who God made me to be. I’m an alcoholic and I’m proud of it! Don’t be so bigoted! This is the problem with all you Christians, you think you’re better than all of us!”

“I love you. You will always be my son. You could be a drunk for the rest of your life and I will never stop loving you.”

“Tell me you think it is good and right and holy and Christ-like to be an alcoholic, or I’m going to sue you, mom.”

Just want you to know what the cultural conversation sounds like to Bible-saturated Christians. Brothers and sisters in Christ, be prepared for real bona-fide persecution, like this story. And know that it is going to be ok. It is not our calling to “win back America.” It never was. Our kingdom is not of this world.


John Piper coming to Hawaii

Lord willing, John Piper will be preaching in Hawaii for the first time this Fall. D.A. Carson will also be here, along with Michael Oh, a faithful pastor/missionary in Japan. Praying that God will use this conference to bring about true unity in the islands. I always hear about Christians praying for revival. Revival has never truly happened without a revival of preaching. You have to hear good preaching for that to happen, and it doesn’t get much better than these men:

For what it’s worth, I think John Piper is the greatest living preacher and that D.A. Carson is the greatest living bible scholar. Invite all of your Christian friends. Sponsor someone to go.

Christians must not refuse to serve people because of homosexuality!

You should read Denny Burk’s post on the way unbelievers are mis-framing the gay “marriage” debate.

The governor of Arizona vetoed a bill that would have protected religious freedom. Christians will be fine either way. But I want to point out the foolishness of forcing Christians to celebrate same-sex “marriages”, as well as give an exhortation to Christians who may wrongly refuse to serve people because of homosexuality.

Foolishness: many unbelievers think it is wrong for a Christian florist to refuse to make a bouquet for a same-sex “wedding” ceremony. The Christian florist would have no issue making flowers for an unbeliever’s senior prom, retirement ceremony or funeral, but forcing them to help celebrate a ceremony they don’t believe is real is like forcing an Atheist who works at a bookstore to read the Bible (by law!).

Exhortation: if there are any believers out there who refuse to serve unbelievers because of their sin (outside of a same-sex “wedding”), SHAME ON YOU! Repent, and love tax collectors and sinners with the gospel. The situations I am imagining would be like a Christian waiter refusing to serve a practicing homosexual at a restaurant, or a Christian photographer refusing to take pictures of a practicing homosexual at a birthday party.

I hope those are rare cases. I am certain it would be more ignorance than arrogance. A Christian waiter should not refuse to serve someone because of homosexuality any more than a Mormon librarian should refuse to checkout someone because of Christianity. I pray we will remove all the unnecessary obstacles for the gospel by the way we consistently preach and love like Christ.

Clarification: I appreciate the interaction I have had already over this post. I am not sure how to clarify what I have said above, except by restating things more concisely. To be clear: Christians should not celebrate the “weddings” of practicing homosexuals, whether that is by taking pictures, baking a cake, or officiating. However, outside of a “wedding” ceremony, there is no reason to refuse to serve a practicing homosexual in almost any other venue that I can think of. A perfect example is the florist in the video on Denny Burk’s blog, who had made flowers for two men who were practicing homosexuals on different occasions (the article said she did business with them and befriended them for about ten years), but the moment they asked her to make flowers for their “wedding,” she graciously declined.