Please stop the “robot” argument!

Many who war against Calvinism argue that if God elects sinners to salvation, that makes us robots. I suppose the argument is “If God causes us to love Him, and if our faith in Christ was guaranteed when God elected us before the foundation of the world, then it is not really us choosing to love Him, and therefore, that makes us less than human.” Something like that. I used to think that way. But it just doesn’t work. Please stop that silly “robot” argument. And it is silly. It is a caricaturization of an opposing view. There are a few reasons that the “robot” argument needs to stop:

  1. Impeccability of God- God cannot sin. Jesus, in his divinity, could not sin. Jesus, in a  sense, cannot help but love His Father. Does that make Jesus a robot?
  2. Impeccability of believers in the future- one day believers will be perfected. In the eternal kingdom we will not be able to sin. We will not be able to help but love God. Will we be robots then?
  3. Love is love- if God truly does cause people to love Him, He is still causing people to LOVE Him. Do robots love?
  4. An experiential argument- We are already partially perfected. I bet you, if you’re a Christian, you cannot commit the blasphemy of the Spirit (Matt 12.32, 1 Cor 12.3). Try it. Try and say “Jesus serves the devil” or “Jesus be cursed.” I bet you the words can come out of your mouth, but you cannot mean it. No matter how hard you try. You cannot help but believe that Jesus is Lord. Are you a robot?

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