I wish I could talk to every Christian in America right now

KBC just received a second letter over the last four months from the Hawaii Attorney General’s office. For the second time, someone in our church filed a complaint about our church. The AG office has cleared us for the first complaint. After we turn in a few documents they will clear us for this second complaint. I talked to the Deputy Attorney General on the phone yesterday and asked her if this was common among churches. To no surprise of mine, she said, without hesitation, “yes.”

I am a nobody in the evangelical world, and have no authority to speak on behalf of anyone outside of our church, but when I heard that I still said to her, “please forgive me, and please forgive our church, and I apologize on behalf of all Christians everywhere for you to have to see this on a regular basis. We are not being a good representation of Jesus Christ for us to not be getting along like this within churches.”

I am a nobody in the evangelical world, and have no authority to speak to every Christian in America right now, but if I could, these are some of the things running through my mind:

This is something that only happens in America. What do you think our brothers and sisters in China or Dubai would say right now?

How can this possibly be common? Do you love God?

Do you hope to bring down the church of Jesus Christ? Do you work for the devil?

This is why you should not make fun of the practice of church membership. Read 9Marks of a Healthy Church, and practice membership that way!

Do you really think this is a regenerate person?

Do you really think everyone who calls themselves “Christian” is a Christian?

Do you really think Christians have a “right” to do things like this? Have you read 1 Corinthians 6? At what point do you say “the Bible is no longer my authority”?

For this to be common, brothers and sisters, shows me that we live in a very dark country, where not even the churches are basically good.

For you to think that this can be common among born again believers shows me that you have never read Romans 6. Or you don’t believe it.

Stop making jokes about the church. Shame on you. That’s the Bride of Christ you’re talking about.

Why do you pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you despise your brother? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.


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