Leila Tess Morikawa

By God’s grace, we just completed our adoption of Leila and got back to Hawaii this past weekend! A quick recap:

  • We decided to pursue adoption in Ethiopia about three years ago
  • While waiting for a referral, we heard about Leila in China
  • We decided to pursue her in May 2012
  • We got through all the paperwork about one year later
  • We got to travel finally in Oct 2013
  • Met her on Oct 27
  • She stayed in our hotels with us for two weeks; bonded a lot!
  • She received her visa package on Nov 8
  • We hope to continue pursuing Ethiopia in the future

Leila’s Chinese name is Zhong Bao Er. She is four years old. She is learning English for the first time from us. She is super sweet and a lot of fun. Grace is excited to have a little sister finally. We pray to bring her up faithfully in the fear of the Lord.

I am pretty sure this is in front of the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, Guandong, China:


2 responses to “Leila Tess Morikawa

  1. Congrats brother. I’m so happy for you guys. I’ll be praying that you adjust well and that the Lord gives you strength. She’s a beautiful little girl!

  2. Praise God! So happy for you guys!

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