Monthly Archives: October 2013

Am I missing something?

There is a big push to get churches to rally to fight the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Hawaii? Unless I am missing something:

  • It feels out of place with the New Testament church. There are no examples of rally cries like this.
  • It feels like Christians are fighting harder for this than they are to preach the gospel clearly, get doctrine right, practice church discipline, and gouge out their right eyes for the Kingdom (very clear teachings in the Bible).
  • It feels like Christians think the spiritual climate in America hangs on this issue. The spiritual climate of any nation hangs on faithful gospel preaching, doesn’t it?
  • It feels like Christians in America are scared to death of persecution and loss of religious freedom.
  • A Christian who does not fight for complementarianism, but fights for traditional marriage is inconsistent at the theological level (and I think non-Christians know this).

I do not think I can be accused of not getting involved (I just had breakfast with a state Representative to share my views). But for these reasons above, I cannot in good conscience join this rally.


The rubber of God’s sovereignty meeting the road of suffering

I just learned that RC Sproul Jr’s wife, Denise, passed away three years ago, and his daughter, Shannon, just one year ago. This is a family that experienced suffering through the comfort of God’s sovereignty. Here is a part of Shannon’s story: