I am a terrible personal evangelist

I am thankful for stories like Charles Spurgeon’s conversion (if nothing else read the two paragraphs surrounding the bold “LOOK UNTO ME, AND BE YE SAVED, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.”). It shows God saves through preaching that is not that great.

I hope God has mercy on my evangelistic efforts. First, as a preacher, though I have seen God convert through my preaching, and think I am gifted by God for the task, every week I say things in ways I immediately Sunday afternoon pray God will have mercy on.

Second, as  personal evangelist, I think I am bad. Not false humility– I am bad. I am shy to begin with. I let opportunities to make friends go by. I let opportunities to converse go by. I fear man often. I see opportunities to bring Jesus into discussions and I often let them go. Then, when God finally helps me get into conversations about the gospel, I mess up.

I believe God only uses the gospel to save souls. But, somehow I often get into debates, more than I proclaim good news. I just had a conversation today in which I know I shared gospel truth, but I know that person is coming away more mad at me than anything else. Maybe I was faithful and it is just persecution, but probably not. I pray for God to help me take more opportunities He gives me, help me to be more gospel-centered in my personal evangelism (imagine that!), and have mercy on that lady’s soul today and use that little gospel truth to save, despite my terrible evangelism.


2 responses to “I am a terrible personal evangelist

  1. My dear brother- you are that bad…. but so am I. The really good thing is that as you have said, it is God who saves souls. He has perfectly chosen you and me to do His amazing work of living and proclaiming His perfect grace through our perfectly flawed lives and words and yet somehow the kingdom advances. I can tell you this much- this messed up man is very glad that I am able to call you my brother and friend- more than that, God used you in my life.

    I know that you did not post this blog as a pity party or seeking affirmation. I have been challenged by your quite spirit to be much more precise in my words and to keep my mouth closed more often.

  2. Steven Warden

    I’m quite the introvert myself. When I’m at work though I’ve noticed that all I’ve ever had to do is make it known that I’m a devout Christian. Then I don’t have to start the conversations, they start them with me! I’ll walk into a room and my coworkers will say “Okay, there’s Steven let’s ask him” and they will try to get the “Christian” perspective on the debate at hand. It seems to harken back to Paul at the Areopagus. After he speaks Truth the room instantly divides and the debate continues. But later someone will approach and say “Do you really believe what you said?” and I’ll find myself discussing the Gospel with someone who is actually paying attention.

    Plus you never can tell who you actually made an impact with and who completely brushed it off. For example, it’s months after our initial conversations about Calvinism and I’ve kept it to myself but I actually lean that direction and Arminism is starting to seem like a foreign concept.

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