Atheist believes in Pope more than Catholics

Mr. Jillette may not have Martin Luther reflected perfectly, but I so respect this man for his train of thought. It is sad when atheists are more intellectually honest than professing Christians. And on another note, this is a good introduction to the differences between Catholics and Protestants. It is also sad when an atheist knows more about how to converse with Catholics than Christians do.

HT: First Thoughts


One response to “Atheist believes in Pope more than Catholics

  1. Steven Warden

    I may be able to understand both sides. For the longest time I sat in a Methodist Church shaking my head while the Pastor gave his message about the Word of God. Kelly, my wife, would get frustrated with my frustrations about the Methodist Church. “Why do you keep going back if you don’t agree with them?” And like Piers Morgan I always thought “Well, eventually they’ll cave in and see things the way I feel is right.”

    Of course the difference between Piers and me is that I wanted the Methodist church to cave in and head back towards a Scriptural foundation. Piers wants the Catholic Church to cave in and head towards society’s desires.

    With that said, this was a great video. Penn is outstanding in the fact that he believes the way he believes yet understands to a great extent why someone would believe the way they believe. Piers is outstanding in the fact that he’s completely oblivious to his ignorance. (Note: I’m not saying he’s stupid, I’m saying he’s innocently confused about the belief structure he subscribes to).

    We could take a page out of Penn’s book by not letting a Christian speak lies (rather knowingly or unknowingly). He didn’t just say “Well Piers, that’s okay whatever you want to believe”.

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