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Why I love Matt Chandler

Oh, Lord, may your Kingdom come, your will be done in our lives on earth as it is in heaven!

HT: Jared Wilson


Perhaps the most important distinction in the world

2 Peter 3.16 says that the “ignorant and unstable twist (the Scriptures) to their own destruction.” That means when the authors of Scripture wrote, they intended to be understood, and if you understand what they wrote in a way other than what they intended, you are wrong.

The most important distinction in the world might be the difference between interpretation and application of Scripture. Interpretation is what Scripture means. Application has to do with how that meaning plays out in our life today. They are related but absolutely distinct.

How often Christians talk about the same Scripture saying different things to different people. Different applications? Yes. Different meanings? MAY IT NEVER BE! We must be careful about how we talk about different people having different perspectives on different Scriptures. We may unwittingly make it seem like God contradicts Himself.

So whenever there are opposing understandings of Scripture, let us have the settled conviction that at least one of us is wrong, if not twisting the Scriptures to our own detriment. At least that acknowledgement will cause us to be more passionate about pursuing unity in truth, and let the world know how seriously we take these disagreements. Perhaps a deeper concern for being united upon truth (as opposed to just being united despite disagreement) would cause more unbelievers to desire our Christ as they see His body so bent on pleasing Him and so determined to not twist His Word.