My very first Vacation Bible School…

…was not that long ago. In fact, it is this week. By that I do not mean this is my first VBS as pastor of KBC (though it is); this is my first VBS, period. At least, so far as I can remember.

It has been a blessing. Last year we decided not to do one because not enough people volunteered. This year God has provided the help. We have about 40-50 kids who are hearing the gospel daily. I actually encouraged our church not to call kids to respond, but rather, to allow kids to tell us they want to respond, and even then we will be very careful. I am certain many churches would not like that philosophy, but I do not know how to be more faithful in a country where it means virtually nothing to say “I believe in Jesus.”

I am just super excited that 10-15 of our members are stretching themselves in gospel ministry and 40-50 kids are hearing the Word of God explained faithfully, and praying that all the un-churched families will start attending our worship services. May God get the glory.


One response to “My very first Vacation Bible School…

  1. Awesome, Todd!

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