Why it can be embarrassing to be a Southern Baptist sometimes

In case you have not read, you need to read this: a-statement-of-traditional-southern-baptist-soteriology-sbc-today. It was put together by a few Southern Baptists. The reason this is embarrassing is because this can so easily lead to division within our denomination, before it will lead to anything positive. This is embarrassing because I do not know a single member at our church that would be able to sign this document, yet we are supposed to be able to link arms with these signatories in church-planting? This is embarrassing because it only highlights the inherent problem that exists in any denomination that puts practical unity over actual theological unity. I just have two pleas:

1. I have never met an “aggressive” Calvinist pastor like the ones these signatories claim inspired their document. Whoever you are, angry Calvinist, please look to the cross of Christ, and repent. Love the Savior, love the sheep, feed the sheep.

2. Anyone who actually believes that document, let’s talk. Let’s discuss the Scriptures, and let’s deal with your poor understanding (which may be no fault of your own, but it is still a bad understanding) of historic Calvinism.


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