God will give everyone a second chance

Actually, He gives everyone countless “chances” to worship Him. It is strange that anyone would wonder whether people get a second chance to become a Christian after they die. Two lines of reasoning make this strange:

  1. Romans 1.20 says “for His invisible attributes, namely His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, to the things that have been made, so they are without excuse.” No single human being has any excuse on any given day for failing to worship God. From the moment mankind has any knowledge of their Creator, they sin against Him by not worshiping Him rightly, and therefore, they are without excuse. Every second that goes by that they fall short of His glory, they are  storing up wrath for themselves. They do not deserve another breath, yet God is merciful upon all mankind. God gives them a chance to worship Him every day, but they all fail. He gives them a second chance, and a third chance, countless chances throughout their life, but they all fail apart from Christ. Any idea of “second chances” after death really misses it on that point.
  2. Another thought is that these debates often miss the point of the new birth in the Bible. So what if every single human being who dies in their sin got another “chance” after death? Bodily death is not regeneration! No one can come to worship the One, True, and Living God through Christ apart from the gracious work of the Holy Spirit to draw and open up hearts. Why would that not also apply after death? It does not matter how many “chances” human beings get; we all need the gracious work of the Holy Spirit to help us understand and believe the gospel. That is why everything we do must start with prayer.

One response to “God will give everyone a second chance

  1. Dear Pastor Todd,

    I was the interim worship leader at Mililani Baptist Church a few years ago and I have been to the islands 10 times in the past 7 years doing art and music. I was a singer with Disney in Orlando and do murals and design themes for children’s areas in churches with a group of retired Christian Disney artists. I will be on Oahu October 15 and would love to be used if you have any needs in those areas. I am also friends with Andrew Large. I have done artwork for Bryan Wittekind in Waianae also a couple of years ago.

    In Him, Chris Alsup

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