Never underestimate conferences

God was very gracious this past week. I am not the only person to say that this was the best of all the Together 4 the Gospel conferences. All 9 plenary sessions are worth watching or listening to. I thought Ligon Duncan’s sermon on 1 Kings 19 was the best, and that Kevin DeYoung’s sermon was the most important. Most will remember David Platt’s as one of the most memorable sermons on missions ever delivered. You should at least watch the video from the 10-15 minute mark to hear one of the great truths of Scripture explained, along with one of the best illustrations to boot.

I also spent the rest of the week at the Immanuel Network Conference hosted by Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. It was a great weekend studying prayer and revival with Dr. Michael Haykin of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. But it was most refreshing and encouraging to be reunited with the saints there. You must listen to Ryan Fullerton sermons as often as you can. I can only count it a marvelous blessing to be connected to that church, while at the same time having the privilege of pastoring Kailua Baptist Church.


One response to “Never underestimate conferences

  1. Thankful for the Lord’s blessings to you in this past week and glad to have you back!!

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