How bad is the current situation?

I am certainly open to correction on this: it feels like there is a bit of overreaction by Christians to some of the current anti-Christian agenda in government. In Hawaii and other places, homosexual “rights” are being pushed harder than ever; it sounds like insurance policies are going to be required to cover contraception; and it looks like public schools will no longer be able to let churches use their buildings. I am sure there are other major things, but those are the ones I keep hearing pop up.

I struggle because I cannot wrap my mind around whether or not the Scriptures direct us to feel so passionately about some of these issues. I am not passionate about them as a pastor, and I am having a hard time deciding whether I am supposed to be or not. I understand these things affect us; I am just not sure if it is right for it to affect us as much as it seems to be affecting some. I wonder if we are being dogmatic about things the Bible is not. In other words, it just feels like Christians are up in arms because life might get harder.

Here’s what I do know:

  1. We should pray for the government (1 Timothy 2.1-2). That seems to be the most aggressive God would call us to be.
  2. We should expect life to be hard if we want to be godly– if we want to be godly (2 Tim 3.12– interesting that I just told a few students last night to be careful when interpreting and applying the pastoral epistles, but I do think I am applying it correctly here)
  3. Suffering is never good, but being counted worthy to suffer for the name of Christ is a blessing nonetheless (Acts  5.41)

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