Should I go to a world-class seminary or to a little-known church-based training network in Hawaii?

Great question.

All I can do is reiterate a few things about why I promote the Antioch School Hawaii:

  • I believe God has given the local church the responsibility to train up new pastors/missionaries/church planters (2 Tim 2.2)
  • You will get more hands-on training than you can find at any seminary I know of (a local church must recognize you as a potential church leader, and be willing to invest in you and give you ministry responsibilities, or you cannot be a student with the Antioch School)
  • It is cheaper than any seminary I know of (At SBTS, I paid about $16,000 not including books; it’s twice as much for any non-SBC student; Antioch School is between $10-12,000 for the entire program, which includes all course material)
  • It helps every member of the local church to be more directly involved in training and sending out pastors/missionaries/church-planters, rather than just sending money somewhere.
  • You will learn a lot from Chris Bruno

Some words about Southern Seminary:

  • It was worth every penny I spent
  • But they taught me that this is what I should do once I work in a church
  • We still glean from the gifts that God has given to institutions like SBTS (books, conferences, articles, sermons, etc.); they can still be a resource to us
  • Be careful of “hero worship”; I am certain most who go there go with the best intentions, but we must be careful to not cross the line that says “God has not gifted the local church to raise me up as a minister of the gospel; He has only gifted the seminary that way.”

Last word:

I am not offended if you end up going to the seminary that I love.


One response to “Should I go to a world-class seminary or to a little-known church-based training network in Hawaii?

  1. Will you still not be offended even if i go to a seminary that you do not love? haha thanks for the blog post!

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