Reflections on 9 Marks in Hawaii

The Lord answered prayer this past weekend! I prayed for 100 people to show up at the first ever 9 Marks conference in Hawaii. I am sure many of my friends prayed for many to come as well. Well over 200 people attended! We were blessed by Mark Dever, Ryan Townsend, Zach Schlegel, and Jaime Owens. They blessed us through preaching at the conference and preaching at different churches across Oahu and Maui. I was personally blessed to converse with Mark Dever at different points over the weekend, and came away with a few reflections:

  • we should all strive to love others the way he does
  • we should all strive to care for other churches the way 9 Marks does
  • if we define the local church biblically, it will drive us to get much more serious about the worship service and the administration of the ordinances
  • I love my church! And I am very humbled by the opportunity to be a pastor at a local church
  • God’s doing something very special for His glory here in the islands

One response to “Reflections on 9 Marks in Hawaii

  1. my dad tells me titus network or the new “gospel coalition hawaii” is going well and stoked to hear that the conference went well! keep doing it big todd- blessings dude.

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