The interview that almost was, part 3

PI: What will your role be with the Antioch School Hawaii?

Chris: I will have a duel role as the academic dean of the Antioch School Hawaii and as a part of the pastoral team at Harbor Church. As the Antioch School continues to grow, it will be harder for the pastors of the partner churches to administer the program. So while I will also serve as a pastor myself, my primary responsibility is to be a servant to the pastors, taking the administrative reigns of the program and helping plan the future expansion of the program. In addition to this, I will help lead some of the courses, serve as a student mentor, and continue to be involved in theological research and writing. 

 PI: Is the Antioch School in competition with SBC seminaries?

 Todd: We are not in competition with the seminaries so far as I know. It seems all the seminaries highlight the centrality of the local church. Antioch School also sees the local church as central to the Great Commission. Where we would run into “competition” is with anyone who sees the seminaries as the only ones capable of training pastors. We would disagree with the philosophy of a church who simply outsources to seminaries. 

I know at least Southern Seminary is attempting to train pastors to train pastors. I think if a pastor comes out of seminary ill-equipped to train others, he is not fully trained. So if the vision of our seminaries is to raise up leaders who can train others within their own churches, then Antioch School can only help to boost that vision. I agree with what Al Mohler says (at the 2011 Gospel Coalition conference; listen from about the 11 minute mark), namely, that the seminaries should be seen as resources for churches to help churches raise up their own ministers, NOT as institutions who raise up ministers for the churches.

PI: How can we pray for you?

Todd: Please pray for our humility, and for strength to speak the truth in love to all those who may disagree with what we are doing. Pray for more churches here to catch the vision to be able to support Chris Bruno and the Antioch School. And pray for us to raise up godly, qualified leaders for the Kingdom.

 Chris: Pray that I would daily cling to the Gospel and God’s promises. Pray for our family as we are raising support this fall-that my wife Katie and our 3 boys would be excited and not anxious and that God would meet every need. Pray that God would provide prayer and financial partners. Pray that our hearts would be knit to the churches in Hawaii even before we arrive and that this venture would advance the kingdom in ways we cannot even now imagine.

Todd Morikawa (M.Div., Southern Seminary) is the pastor of Kailua Baptist Church. He has one daughter, Grace, while he and his wife, Natalie, are trying to adopt from Ethiopia. Todd has lived most of his life on Oahu and the Big Island.

Chris Bruno (Ph.D., Wheaton College, M.Div., Southern Seminary) is the incoming Academic Dean of the Antioch School Hawaii. He and his wife Katie have 3 sons. Updates to their ministry can be found at their family website.


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