Satan loves squishy theology

Please do not tell me doctrine is unimportant. Do not tell me that I should be sharing Jesus as opposed to thinking deeply about theology:

  • sharing Jesus includes, and is a result of, thinking deeply about theology (substitutionary atonement, the Lordship of Christ, how God works through evangelism, realities of heaven and hell)
  • if God has revealed it, He revealed it in the Bible so that we would understand it (Deut 29.29); He intends for all His children to know Him through His Word; the more theology you know, the more you know God; if it does not help you know God deeper, it’s not real theology
  • a misunderstanding of the doctrine of vocation, providence, missiology, etc. leads people to spend too much money on themselves
  • a misunderstanding of the total inability of man, God’s sovereign grace in election, etc. can lead to Christians being uncompassionate towards unbelievers
  • a misunderstanding of male and female roles can lead to homosexuality, apathy about authority, and raising our children to think similarly.
  • a misunderstanding of God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness, God’s meticulous sovereignty, and God’s redemptive will in the person of Jesus Christ can lead to people committing suicide in the midst of pain, like a friend of mine just did.

Please take His Word seriously.

One response to “Satan loves squishy theology

  1. I am convinced. Bad theology kills.

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