Bible scholars, please don’t make the Bible less clear!

Timothy George spoke extremely clear (pun intended) on the doctrine of perspicuity at SBTS last year. I am deeply saddened that so many Christians do not believe God spoke to be understood. Here are some thoughts that have been brewing recently:

  • My daughter who is 12 years old could read 1 Tim 2.12 and tell you what it means.
  • The devil likes it whenever there are “scholars on both sides of the issue.”
  • Cries for unity in spite of theological differences, though the intent is good, do not communicate to me that you are concerned that God’s heart may be grieved over the misunderstandings of His Word.
  • Dependence on “scholarship” over hot topics seems to make pastors weak in the pulpit; if pastors are not the experts of God’s Word on earth then the role of shepherd/teachers in the NT becomes very un-perspicuous to me.

Scholars, please don’t make the Bible less clear. Seminaries, please equip pastors to be scholars, and deny degrees to “scholars” whose scholarship does not benefit the local church. Churches, please recapture your role as the central vehicle for gospel advancement and Bible interpretation. Christians, pray and read trusting that God has spoken in such a way that fallible human beings could still understand.


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