What is a Southern Baptist Church?

Pray for me as I take Kailua Baptist Church through a three to four month Sunday School class on Baptist polity, which I entitled “What is a Southern Baptist Church?”. The goal is to revise the church by-laws! Yes, you read that right. My prayer is that we change our by-laws. I believe God can keep us on the same page as we go through the Scriptures together. But I do ask for your prayer. Right now, the by-laws describe a church with a single pastor, multiple deacons, and a church council. I would like us to change to an elder-led, congregationally governed church. Please pray that God’s Word remain our authority no matter what.

2 responses to “What is a Southern Baptist Church?

  1. Dear Pastor Morikawa: you and I are surpisingly connected! My father, John Sherman Moyer, was pastor of Kailua Baptist about 1965 to 1971. I have found memories of the congregation (I was 9 when we left HI). He became convinced of elder-led congregational polity later in the 70’s. As I skimmed the church’s website and your blog yesterday, I also discoved you and I appear to be on the same page concerning God’s sovereignty in salvation. Quite a surprise! Lastly, one of the teenagers formerly in my church here has just been assigned to the Marine Airbase there. I’m encouraging him to check out Kailua Baptist. I will be praying for you and the church there, brother! Joseph Moyer, Preaching elder, Westside Baptist Church, Great Falls MT 59404.

    • Todd Morikawa

      Pastor Moyer, very encouraged to read your note! Thank you so much for your prayers. I actually shared with our congregation just as soon as I found your note, so you have helped me in what we’re doing here just by writing. Hope we can stay connected

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