Young earth vs. Old earth

I plan to talk more about some exegetical fallacies and about prayer in the gospel of John soon, but, while this is simmering…

I hold to a blended view (young vs. old). I first heard it articulated by Vern Poythress. Amazingly, you can download the 400 page book here! Chapters 7-10 are where you would find much of the relevant material. I cannot explain it all just now, but suffice it to say I am not comfortable simply calling my view the “apparent age theory.” The problem with saying God deceived the world if it is truly a young earth is that it is not an “apparent” age. It is a creation with real age (whether scientific observations are accurate or not, the world was created with real age).

Some may still say that is deceptive, if in fact six-to-ten thousand years ago God gave the world a real three-to-five billion year history. Is it more deceptive than giving the world a six-day creation outline on paper about four thousand years ago? No matter what your interpretation of Genesis 1, are you telling me there is absolutely no sense of a six day creation not that long ago? Regardless of what you say about ancient near eastern mythology (Jews are the intended audience of Torah by the way), my objection to staunch old-earth creationists is God has deceived us with Genesis 1 and 2 if you are right.


One response to “Young earth vs. Old earth

  1. I don’t believe God can trick anyone. That would be dishonest. People, however, can be deceived by their own hearts. I do believe in the sufficiency and accuracy of scripture. What I see as the underlying issue with the old vs. new earth debate is the question of are we created beings. Allegorizing the section of scripture that explains exactly who we are is a mistake that bears great consequence. Pastors today who compromise the God-breathed story of creation in order to placate evolutionists do not understand the supernatural power of our creator. It does a tremendous disservice to proclaiming the gospel when church leaders focus on unification. The ecclesia is supposed to be called out from the world, not conformed to it. Christ did not come to unite wheat with tares. To the contrary, the Word divides. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, be holy, not worldly.

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