Please use Facebook, blog comments, and the like carefully!

I think these technological advances to connect and communicate are gifts from God’s gracious hand. But, I am pleading with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ– all those who have repented and trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation, and claim Jesus as Lord, King, and Savior– please do not use Facebook, blogs, tweets, emails, or anything else like that to confront sin. Do not do it! Ever!

I am not talking about using public arenas to confront public sins. Famous preachers who preach error must be confronted in public. That needs to be done carefully, but I am talking about arguing with people through blog comments or facebook comments, or even confronting a person’s sin over email. If you feel any negative emotion whatsoever when you are about to write, STOP! Do not do it. Ever. Please. For your obedience to Scriptural mandates and patterns to confronting sin, and for the sake of the Kingdom and the glory of God’s name, if you are angry with another human being, stop yourself in your tracks. Think about the reason you are angry, and if you are right to be angry. If you feel someone has sinned, love them! Then meet them face to face if at all possible. If you must, a phone call is probably better than nothing. But if you cannot meet face to face or over the phone, pray for them and leave it at that. Pray for them anyway. Pray! But do not use a computer or a cellphone text to do anything that you know, deep down in your heart, that you should do in person. Please.

These brothers had similar thoughts.

If this upsets you, I am willing to talk.

One response to “Please use Facebook, blog comments, and the like carefully!

  1. amen. “the raw words are not communicating our hearts” i need to do better in this area…

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