God wins: the fate of every person who has ever lived

So many things surprise me about people’s reactions to people’s reactions:

  1. I did not know that many people follow the blogs, tweets and writings of both John Piper and Rob Bell.
  2. Unintentional hypocrisy is rampant: many accuse John Piper and Justin Taylor and Josh Harris and others with slandering Rob Bell…and so they slander them.
  3. Unintentional hypocrisy #2: “You can’t say Bell is a heretic because the book has not come out yet“…”Bell is not a heretic!”
  4. Many Christians believe Gandhi is in heaven because of his life of good works.

One problem is that heaven and hell are thought of more as places people go, rather than extensions of God’s character and will (John 5.29). They are both expressions of God bringing glory to himself by being holy– in the cross, the sins of believers are dealt with, so there is no more wrath (Rom 3.25); in hell, sin is dealt with, so there is only wrath (Rev 20.15). In both heaven and hell, sin is dealt with, God reveals His holiness. God’s love for Himself comes out so clearly in both places; amazingly, those found in Christ get to experience that love for all eternity(Eph 2.7). In the end, God wins.


One response to “God wins: the fate of every person who has ever lived

  1. I loved the reactions you noticed, especially number 3 which made me laugh. But it has been a very sobering week as I sift through the content online and discuss the matter with friends. I have formally requested that my friends compare Bell’s beliefs with that of New Hope to see if the two are conflicting, and if so, cease endorsing him in obedience to our call to “avoid them” in Romans. Sadly, I may have to wait until the book comes out before they are willing to say what he believes, despite the evidence already in our face.

    By the way, I have never read Twilight but I know it’s complete garbage.

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