John 14.1-14

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Jesus comforts his people with:

  1. What he will do (2-3)- he prepares a place for those who trust in him! And the thing to get excited about is not whether they are rooms or mansions or if each gets their own; we should be excited that we get to be WITH HIM!
  2. What he has done (4-11)- Jesus has shown us the way to the Father (6); Philip thinks there is more he needs to do to show us the Father (8). But Jesus says his words and works are the very words and works of the Father Himself (10-11). The point of the miracles are not for us to duplicate them! It was to show us the Father!
  3. What he does through us (12-14)- Christians can do things with “greater” effectiveness because of what Jesus has accomplished. And Jesus assumes we will pray as we do these “things”. Prayer is the great comfort because we get to be involved with what Jesus is doing to bring His Father glory.

In order to illustrate what the disciples may have felt when Jesus told them he was going away, I told Kailua Baptist Church that I needed a sabbatical, then told them I was kidding. I would not recommend this to any pastor, but, o, did it illustrate it perfectly!


One response to “John 14.1-14

  1. haha awesome illustration. enjoying the blog my brother =]

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