John 5:30-47

I think after this there is just one more sermon outline to put up, then our church website should have the rest.

In John 5.30-47, Jesus says there are three witnesses who testify about his Messiahship:

  1. John the Baptist (33-35)- the baptizer’s testimony did not make Jesus any more the Messiah than he already was, but Jesus knew many Jews respected John’s ministry, and he wanted them to be saved (34)!  Jesus wants the ones who want to kill him (18) to be saved.
  2. God the Father (36-44)- the works the Father gave Jesus to do testify about Jesus, and the Father in some way has spoken about Jesus.  Verse 39 makes it clear that He spoke about Jesus in the Scriptures.  The OT, according to Jesus, testifies all about Jesus.  And do not miss the fact that the written Word is the way Jesus claims the Father speaks.
  3. Moses (45-47)- Jesus is telling the self-proclaiming Moses-followers that they do not believe Moses, since they do not see the Law as pointing to Jesus.  Followers of Christ have the authority to tell self-proclaiming believers that they are not believers.

With all these witnesses, we should always believe EVERYTHING Jesus says about himself.


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