John 5:19-29

The relationship between the Father and the Son is an absolutely unique relationship:

  1. They have perfect love between them (19-23)- The Son only wants to do what the Father does, something any father would love to have.  And the reason he does so is because “the Father loves the Son,” not because the Father is militant or demanding.  And the Father wants the Son to be honored.  That interaction is the definition of love.
  2. They have perfect unity (24)- they are so united that Jesus can say “whoever hears my word, and believes him who sent me has eternal life.”  They are so united that to believe Jesus’ word is the same as believing the Father’s word.
  3. They both give and judge life (25-29)- Just as God the Father breathes life into mankind, Jesus has life in himself.  And just as Abraham called God the Judge of the whole earth, so Jesus is going to judge all people at the resurrection.  Only Jesus can claim those kinds of similar qualities that God the Father has.

Notice the ones who escape judgment in verse 24 are the ones who believe, and the ones who escape judgment in verse 29 are the ones who have done good works.  Jesus is so confident that those who believe will obey, he is willing to just say at the resurrection it is those who do good works that will have eternal life.

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