John 5:1-18

Jesus is the unique Son of God with equal authority to the Father:

  • Jesus could have just healed the man, but instead asked him first if he wanted to be healed.  The man was crippled for 38 years and at this point in his life was entrusting himself to a pool of water.  It was a valid question for Jesus to ask.
  • Verse 9 is where we get the idea that this story is not so much about the healing as it is about the Sabbath.  John could have said anything he wanted after recording that  the man picked up his mat and walked, but instead chose to insert the fact that this happened on the Sabbath.
  • The first thing Jesus said to him after finding him in the temple is “Stop sinning.”  Jesus always goes straight to people’s biggest problem.
  • The Jews did not argue with Jesus about whether or not the Father always works on the Sabbath.  They agreed.  They could not stand that Jesus would claim to have that type of authority to also work for the good of people on the Sabbath.

Miracles obviously do not convert people (the healed man does not seem to follow Christ afterwards; certainly the healing did nothing for these Jews).  Sin is always the issue.  We can rest because God is at work.


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