Great Commission, part 4

Matthew 28.18 must be included in your thoughts, meditations, and presentation of the Great Commission.  It would not make sense otherwise:

  • “All authority in heaven and on earth” belong to Jesus.  It is no wonder that he calls his followers to make disciples of ALL nations.
  • The handing over of all authority in the universe reminds us of the great relationship between the Father and the Son.  We can assume the Spirit’s interaction in the transaction as well since we are to baptize people into the name of the Father, Son and Spirit.
  • All authority over all creation reminds us of the God who was over all creation from the beginning, saying “Let us make man in our image.”  With this in mind, it only makes sense to teach people to obey everything he has commanded, helping mankind regain that perfect image.
  • All authority over all creation includes authority over time itself.  God the Father has marked out a day in which the Son will return.  Until then, followers of Christ have been promised to be accompanied by this authoritative King (I assume in the Person of the Spirit).

Verse 18 is what makes this commission so great.


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