John 4:43-54

Your faith must give a proper honor to Christ:

  1. It is more than just liking what he does (43-48)- The shallow faith of the Galileans is contrasted with the deep faith of the Samaritans in verse 42.  The Galileans are just like the Jews in John 2.23-25.  They were attracted to his miracles.  Even his statement in verse 48 is a rebuke.  Though it could be worse, Jesus still desires a faith that does not NEED miraculous signs.
  2. It is more than just believing what he says (49-53)- The royal official believed Jesus’ words in verse 50, but he did not become a true believer until verse 53.  It seems he believed his word in verse 50, but did not actually trust in Christ until verse 53.

There seems to be at least four categories of faith here: 1. Because of His Word, true faith (v.41), 2. Because of his miracles, shallow faith (v.45), 3. Because of his miracles, true faith (v.48), 4. Because of His Word, shallow faith (50).  Only the first does Jesus commend.


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