John 4:21-26

Make sure you are a true worshiper:

  1. Worship based on knowledge (22)- The Samaritans only believed in the five books of Moses, so there was no way they could have as good an understanding of worship as even the Jews.  It is possible to worship, yet “worship what you do not know.”
  2. Worship in spirit and truth (23-24)- It is funny that Jesus would say “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and truth.”  It seems that the way to worship God in spirit is to worship Him in truth.  The two simply go together.
  3. Worship Jesus (25-26)- “I AM, the one speaking to you.”  The woman wants living water, she wants to know the place of proper worship, she knows the Messiah will come and set everything straight, and Jesus says, “I AM, the one speaking to you.”  That is gracious revelation before our eyes.  And if it is all true, then he deserves worship.

Notice Jesus had started off the whole thing with “A time is coming…”  The gospel of John points to a future hour of death, resurrection and glorification of the Son.   The cross and resurrection are the entrance into the time of true spiritual and truthful worship.


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