John 4:1-42

3 more truths about Jesus:

  1. Refresher of souls (1-15)- Jesus used water to tell the woman more about himself.  He seems to tell her that he is the fulfillment of passages like Isaiah 12.3 and Isaiah 44.3 and Jeremiah 2.13.  “God has been promising living water all along, so ask me for it; you’ll never thirst again!”
  2. Revealer of all truth (16-26)- She can see he is a prophet so she asks him about the biggest doctrinal debate that she can think of– where the proper place of worship is.  But Jesus says worship is not about a place; in fact, he reveals to her that He is the Messiah who will set all doctrinal debates straight.
  3. Reaper of souls (27-42)- The woman happily told her hometown about the one who revealed he knew her sinful past.  It seems she was given new life by his revelation of himself.  Now Jesus uses food to tell his disciples more about himself.  He just harvested this woman’s soul and now he sees more souls coming to be harvested.  Doing that work is his real food.

This story helps me big time in evangelism.  First thing Jesus does when she shows some level of interest is he points out her sin!  And the harvesting of souls seems to satisfy Jesus like food satisfies our appetite.


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