John 3:22-36

Two ways to make sure he becomes greater, and you become less:

  1. Be happy with what makes God happy (22-30)- John’s disciples seem a little jealous that Jesus was gaining more disciples, but John the Baptist responds by saying that his joy is complete if the bridegroom gets what he came for!  If Jesus gets what he wants, that should make us happy.
  2. Glory in the uniqueness of Jesus (31-36)- there are at least three unique things about Jesus in these verses: one, he is from heaven.  No other human being can say that.  Two, he speaks the very words of God– in a way that no other prophet can.  When you hear Jesus speak, all you can say is “God is true.”  Three, he is exalted by the Father.  The Father’s wrath remains on anyone who rejects the Son.

Verses 31-36 seem to be another insertion of the Apostle’s meditations on what he was writing about.  He recalled the great witness of John the Baptist and followed suit by himself writing about the greatness of Jesus.


One response to “John 3:22-36

  1. The book is “The Great Commission Resurgence.” I praise God for you and for your ministry, brother. Keep preaching the Word of Christ.

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