John 3:16-21

“…whoever believes in him…”

3 things that are true about every true believer:

  1. True believers actually trust Jesus (16)- a lot of times believers live out John 3.16 as if it says “for God so loved the world, that he gave his One and Only Son, that whoever believes in their faith in him, shall not perish…”  John is not saying ‘profess faith in Christ and you will be saved.’  He is saying ‘you must trust in my best friend, Jesus, in order to be saved.’  It is faith in a real Person.
  2. True believers live by the truth (20-21)- “hates the light” is contrasted with “whoever does the truth.”  Jesus is so readily identified with truth that true followers always live according to it.  They always produce good works, but…
  3. True believers do not trust in their works (21)- they do not trust in them because it is plain that God does the work through them.  Also, believers like to come to the light “so that it may be seen plainly” that God does the work through them.  They want God to be glorified!  They do the truth but continually look away from themselves.

Let us face it, in 21st century America, “believe” is not that great of a word to use for what the Bible really means.


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