John 2:12-22

Two reminders to help us worship God in God’s way:

  1. Jesus is passionate about worship (12-17)- Jesus was angry simply because there was buying and selling going on in the temple.  The text does not even say the Jews were doing anything overtly sinful; it was just the fact that they had mixed worship and business.  It is striking that Jesus did not quote Psalm 69; his actions simply made his disciples recall Psalm 69.
  2. Jesus is the place of worship (18-22)- After the Jews demanded a sign from him, he gave them what they asked for.  He called himself the temple that would be raised!  By saying this, Jesus proclaimed that the resurrection is the sign to prove his authority over all things, and he proclaimed that he is the new place of worship.

Verse 22 is a bit difficult to wrap your mind around, but John must mean that the thing the disciples remembered after the resurrection– and at that point believed– was not that he would be raised from the dead (for that would be after the fact), but that Jesus was the true temple.


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