Reflections on T4G

Two weeks ago I got to go to Together for the Gospel in Louisville, KY.  I have been to all three T4G’s, but this was the first time I went as a pastor in full time ministry:

  • I will keep fighting for the fact that God intends for the local church to be the way to advance the Kingdom.  Most Christians just do not get it, no matter how many different ways you say it.  I was reminded to keep holding out the promises of God to your people as the way to get them there.
  • John Piper made me cry tears of joy with his explanation of the thief on the cross at the final judgment.  I was reminded that the pinnacle of the Christian life is the gospel, period.  Do not let anyone make you think otherwise.  You want to be as happy as you can be?  Keep meditating on the gospel.
  • I was not sure if my desire to go back every two years to this same conference was healthy.  But I can admit that God has only gifted certain men in certain ways, and Mohler, Dever, Duncan, Mahaney, Piper, Sproul, MacArthur, Anyabwile, and the breakout speakers are among those few.  They are God’s gift to the rest of us, and we should always be thankful that we are alive at the same time as them, just as any Christian should be thankful if they got to hear Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon, Whitfield, or Edwards preach.  I call it the “grace of contemporality.”

And if that is not enough reason to go back…O, the books they give you!

One response to “Reflections on T4G

  1. Yes! please continue to come. I really enjoyed spending some time with you here in Louisville.

    Thank you for your insights from the conference. I always need to be reminded of the power of God demonstrated through the local church.

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