John 1:35-51

Never be satisfied with where you are at:

  1. Always dig deeper into Jesus (35-46)- first, John the Baptist tells two of his disciples about “the Lamb of God” (36), then Jesus exhorts them to “come and you will see” (39).  Andrew told his brother, Peter, about “the Messiah” (41), then he brought him to Jesus (42).  And Philip told Nathanael he found “him of whom Moses in the Law and also the prophets wrote” (45), then Philip said, “Come and see” (46).  There is this constant pattern of people testifying about the Messiah, and then those who are interested needing to dig deeper into the Messiah.  No one will have all their questions about Jesus answered at the beginning; just come and see!
  2. Always look for the greater signs (47-51)- Jesus rebukes Nathanael for believing.  Of course, it was a positive thing that Nathanael affirmed who Jesus was.  But he also revealed the human tendency to be swayed so easily by all things supernatural.  Jesus said to look for heaven to be opened!  Jesus claimed here to be the ladder in Jacob’s dream, the true gate between heaven and earth.  Thank God if He ever graced us with miracles and angels and signs.  But should we not be more excited when someone understands Jesus to be the only access to heaven for the first time?

Do not confuse the call to ‘come and see’ with some of the contemporary calls to ‘come and give Jesus an honest to goodness try.’  This call in John 1 is a promise:  come, and you WILL see Jesus to be who he says he is.

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