Seminary is worth it

God has been gracious enough to give me many experiences that I did not think would come for years.   I LOVE everything I do as pastor.  Seminary is worth it.  The four years I spent studying at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary have already paid off for me.  If you are wondering if it is worth it, just remember, the next time you are parsing a verb, that one day because of it you could:

  • hear a new member tell you “Thank you for preaching the Word!  I’ll be praying for you because the devil is going to attack you when you preach like that.”
  • have a grandmother who is not able to go to church because of a recent surgery tell you how happy she is to have company during the week.
  • hear a person on the fringe of your congregation tell you how appreciative she is that you took time to visit her in the hospital.
  • have a relative of one of your members give you a nice gift for spending time with her and her family in a time of grief.
  • hear the unbelievable words come from your wife: “I’m so happy to have you as my pastor.”

Keep plugging along, my friends.  It is worth it!


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