Great Commission Repentance

3 ways we change the Great Commission, and in doing so, end up not fulfilling it:

  1. We forget why we’re doing it- Matthew 28.19-20 is not the Great Commission; Matthew 28.18-20 is.  It does not say “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  It says, “Go THEREFORE and make disicples.”  And if you look at verse 18 you will know that the Great Commission is based on the Lordship of Christ.  Any other reason for doing it is secondary at best.
  2. We go and help disciples- having a good discipleship program where you help Christians grow is good; but evangelism is the first step in disciple-making.  Evangelism is part and parcel of the command to go and make disciples.
  3. We go and make converts– there is no such thing as getting people in to heaven by the skin of their teeth; either people are born again or they are not; either they follow Christ, or they do not.  We are not helping people to make decisions to follow Christ, we are helping people to follow Christ!

I say if you are guilty of any of these, make this your New Year’s repentance.


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